Schwarzenegger’s Dire Warning

( – Bodybuilder, Hollywood actor, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger warned Americans about the dangers of abusing steroids.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Schwarzenegger stressed that people “are dying” due to performance-enhancing drugs.

“Bodybuilding always, always was considered a safe sport,” said Schwarzenegger, 75.

“But now, it’s not. Now people are dying. They’re dying because of overdoses of drugs, and they don’t know what the f*** they’re doing,” added the Hollywood actor with seven titles from the most prestigious bodybuilding contest, Mr. Olympia.

He revealed that at the height of his bodybuilding career, he legally received a regimen of testosterone and D-Bol, and was supervised by doctors.

However, today people who resort to steroids are “listening to charlatans,” Schwarzenegger said.

“If I want to go and get medical advice from a legitimate doctor, I go to UCLA, or I go to the Cleveland Clinic,” he added.

The report notes steroids were legal in bodybuilding until 1990 when the Steroids Control Act banned them. Yet, the enhancing drugs have remained popular.

“Don’t go there. Yes, we are at a time now where we always look for the easy way to make money, the fast way to get rich, the easy way to be an influencer. Any time you abuse the body, you’re going to regret it later on,” Schwarzenegger insisted.

He addressed youngsters by saying he had “seen people getting kidney transplants, and suffering tremendously from it.”

“I recognize the fact that, who am I to say this? This is the guy who climbed without a rope,” the former California governor added.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, Schwarzenegger said he had no plans to retire or slow down his acting career.

“I still work out every day, I ride my bike every day, and I make movies — show business is another part of my life,” he stated.

“I add in my life, I never subtract. I love everything that I do. There’s no retiring. I’m still on this side of the grass, so I’m happy. My plan is to live forever — and so far, so good!” added the actor.