‘Queer’ Muslims Getting WHAT?!

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Millions of Americans are once again questioning how Joe Biden spends their tax money after the U.S. State Department reported financial support to a ‘Queer’ organization.

This initiative is aligned with Biden’s policy to promote LGBTQI+ rights globally, which he set in motion after taking office in 2021.

The Queer Muslim Project in India was granted a sum of $15,000 which was then disbursed in September to ‘Creating Resources for Empowerment and Action,’ a group funded by Soros and focused on advancing sexual rights.

This funding was then directed to the Queer Muslim Project, an online platform for queer, Muslim, and allied voices based in India. The project aims to offer LGBTQI+ individuals a space to express themselves through writing, with the produced work set to be presented at a prominent Mumbai literature festival.

This isn’t the first collaboration between the State Department and the Queer Muslim Project. Earlier, the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai partnered with the project to conduct a 10-week creative incubator for young LGBTQIA+ writers, termed the “Queer Writer’s Room.” This initiative, described as a narrative change program, concluded with the publication of a magazine containing various articles, including one titled “The Beauty and Complexity of Being Queer and Muslim,” which discussed issues like gendered bathrooms.

The Queer Muslim Project’s activities include publishing short writings from LGBTQIA+ Muslims on its Facebook page, discussing diverse experiences and perspectives.

These posts cover topics ranging from historical perceptions of queerness and transness in pre-1948 Palestine to the challenges of assimilating into different cultures, as experienced by LGBTQIA+ Muslims from places like Iraq and Palestine.

The organization also seeks to reconcile queerness with Islamic beliefs. It posts content suggesting that Djinns, spiritual beings in Islam, can be genderfluid and posits that transgenderism has historical roots in Islam. Furthermore, the group has published poetry centered on queer Muslim love.

Besides the State Department, the Queer Muslim Project states it has partnerships with other significant entities, including Meta, Netflix, and the British government.