Presidential Candidate: ‘Legalize Psychedelic Drugs’

( – In a statement that shocked many who were considering his presidential candidacy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a town hall audience that in addition to legalizing marijuana at the federal level, he would legalize psychedelic drugs.

According to a report published by Breitbart News headlined “RFK Jr.: I Will Legalize Psychedelic Drugs, Build ‘Healing Centers’ for Addiction”:

“Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a NewsNation town hall on Wednesday night he would legalize psychedelic drugs as well as marijuana, while also building “healing centers” for addiction.

“‘We need to make addiction treatment easy, simple, cheap,’ he said, saying he would make treating addiction a priority as president, citing his own experience in overcoming addiction and helping others to do the same.” [emphasis added]

Specifically, when it comes to psychedelic drugs like “magic mushrooms,” Breitbart reports:

“[Kennedy] added that he would legalize psychedelic drugs, saying that despite his own initial opposition to the idea, he had seen studies and evidence that convinced him that some people had benefited medically from their use.”

Kennedy wants to “create places where ‘our American children can go and find themselves and come back.’”

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