OUTRAGE: ‘Happy New Queer’ Kid’s Program

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a scandalous development and a show of a ‘decadent’ America under Democrat governance that is angering social conservatives across the country, Soldotna Public Library in Alaska is set to host a bizarre winter celebration this Saturday, centered around LGBTQ themes, and featuring a drag queen story hour for children.

Dubbed “Happy New Queer,” this event is reported by the Alaska Watchman and will showcase six guest drag performers, including the notably named “Ivanna Kischacok,” otherwise known as Andrew Castelli.

Characterized by his blonde wig, jewels adorning his dress’s fake cleavage, and an array of flamboyant attire including ball gowns, feathers, corsets, and thigh-high boots, Castelli’s performance is part of a larger celebration.

According to cntravler.com, this day-long event, organized by Soldotna Pride, an LGBTQ activist group, will also feature activities at a local grocery store and a “Queer Karaoke” session at a bar.

While the library has issued a disclaimer stating it does not endorse the viewpoints expressed in these materials, it nevertheless invites residents to join the Drag Story Hour.

This hour is set to include storytelling by local author W.B. Clark and guest drag readers, as mentioned in the library’s event announcement.

The drag queen story hour and related activities have not been without controversy.

Soldotna Pride previously faced criticism for an event last year involving a drag queen, after videos surfaced showing performances in front of young children that some considered inappropriate.

These performances, which included twerking and gyrating in a leather miniskirt, sparked debate and concern among some community members.

In response to this upcoming event, Must Read Alaska described it as “misogynistic-themed” and highlighted alternatives for parents looking for more traditional story hours.

They point to read-aloud sessions being held at a local hardware store on Saturday mornings, offering a different option for families in the community.

This event at the Soldotna Library, part of a growing trend of drag queen story hours in public spaces, continues to stir discussions about inclusivity, community values, and appropriate programming for children.