NOW: See How Florida Punishes Abortionists

( – Florida’s authorities are slapping fines on abortion providers failing to abide by a law that requires a 24-hour wait for women arriving from out of state to abort their unborn infants.

The development comes after Florida became an “abortion destination” for women from other states, Politico reports, as cited by Newsmax.

Florida’s legislation bans abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy, whereas other pro-conservative states have “heartbeat laws” prohibiting aborting unborn babies after the 6th week.

Against that backdrop, however, abortion clinics in the Sunshine State have violated what is described as a “little-known law” mandating a 24-hour waiting period so women seeking an abortion could “sleep” on their decision.

As a result, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has slapped multiple fines worth $500,000 upon 14 abortion clinics after establishing their failure to comply with the 24-hour wait law.

Florida’s government adopted the law in question in 2015 but was blocked in court after the American Civil Liberties Union, a leftist nonprofit, mounted a legal challenge to it.

Nonetheless, in April 2022, a judge upheld the legislation, and it entered into force again.

As per the law, Florida’s public health authority issues a $1,000 fine for any abortion paperwork that shows that the required 24-hour wait was not observed.

Thus, one abortion provider in Orlando has been fined $193,000 because it failed to comply with the law in the cases of 193 patients.

The fines issued by AHCA force women seeking abortion in Florida to find accommodation to observe the 24-hour wait period, which has infuriated abortion advocacy groups.

“We have a lot of independent clinics in this state that are working hard to provide women with access, so it’s a shame,” declared Laura Goodhue, the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates executive director.

“And women are getting hurt in the process, especially the ones coming from out of state,” she told Politico.

The report notes that abortionists “fear” “the issue might get worse” since Florida’s legislature, which the Republican Party dominates, is considering new legislation to limit abortion to the 6th week of pregnancy, that is, with the beginning of a fetal heartbeat.

“It’s very easy to be tough on abortion when you’re sitting hundreds of miles away in your ivory tower in Tallahassee versus these doctors and nurses who are dealing with women who are about to make one of the most consequential decisions of their lives,” declared state Rep. Fentrice Driskell, a Democrat from Tampa and the Florida House Minority Leader.

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