NOW: Mike Pence Admits He Did It Too!

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence admits he did it too. To the point, Pence joins former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden as the third president or vice president to be found in possession of classified documents that allegedly violate the federal Presidential Records Act.

Specifically, Pence has informed Congress that he discovered documents with classified markings from his time as Vice President in his Carmel, Indiana, home on January 16th.

Following the revelation that classified documents from President Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President were found at the Penn Biden Center think tank and Wilmington, Delaware, Pence’s team conducted searches of Pence’s Indiana home and the office of his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom.

According to his team, Pence informed the National Archives on January 18th that a small number of potentially classified documents were found in two small boxes. Another two boxes contained copies of vice presidential papers. The National Archives then informed the FBI, as per standard procedure.

The FBI collected the documents at Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, on Thursday evening, January 19th. Pence was in Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life when the FBI collected the documents.

Pence’s team said that although the documents bear classified markings, the Department of Justice or the agency that issued the documents will need to decide whether the documents are classified or not.

According to a letter from Greg Jacob, Pence’s attorney, to Chief Operating Officer William Bosanko of the National Archives and Records Administration on January 22nd, the DOJ departed from its standard procedures that it ran with Biden when it requested direct possession of the documents on January 19th.

Other documents not identified as potentially classified documents were driven from Indiana to the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

No classified documents were found at Pence’s Advancing American Freedom office.

The House Oversight Committee confirmed to Fox News Digital that Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., was notified by Pence’s team Tuesday regarding the discovery of classified documents in his personal residence.

Comer stated, “Former Vice President Mike Pence reached out today about classified documents found at his home in Indiana. He has agreed to fully cooperate with congressional oversight and any questions we have about the matter. Former Vice President Pence’s transparency stands in stark contrast to Biden White House staff who continue to withhold information from Congress and the American people.”

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