NOW: Illegals Surging at Border

( – America’s illegal alien invasion facilitated by the Biden administration is picking up anew, with a roughly 30% spike in the number of migrant arrests at the Southern border in July, the latest data reveals.

Over 130,000 illegal immigrants were arrested at the border last month, up from 99,545 in June, according to preliminary US Customs and Border Protection data leaked to The Washington Post.

The July number of invaders is still relatively smaller than last year’s average of over 200,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions monthly.

In June, there was a drop in migrant arrests, after in May, the Biden administration replaced the highly efficient Trump-era expulsion policy called Title 42 with a mobile phone app allowing illegal immigrants to directly apply for asylum in the US through a smartphone instead of just waltzing in through the border.

The new policy didn’t reduce the invasion numbers, it solely reduced the number of arrests by Border Patrol officers.

It simply sought to convert part of the Third World illegal migrants into arguably “legal” ones who are still allowed to end up in American communities for no rational reason whatsoever.

However, the July figures indicate that even this technicality isn’t working, and migrants might prefer the old-school way of simply crossing the border.

The new data also shows that the invasion momentum is “defying a historical pattern which holds that migrant apprehensions typically decrease in the summer” because of the “sweltering heat,” The National Review reports.

The renewed surge in illegal immigrant apprehensions was especially evident in Arizona, even as temperatures exceeded 110 degrees.

The Tucson Border Sector alone saw some 40,000 detentions, its highest monthly figure in 15 years.

“[The June drop was a] temporary wait-and-see respite because of the new supposedly tough asylum rules. Smugglers figured out they weren’t all that tough, so now traffic is back up again,” commented Mark Krikorian, head of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Former acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf recently accused the Biden administration of using the app to cover up the magnitude of recent illegal immigration. He told a congressional hearing the app could boost the “serious fraud that already exists in the asylum process.”

“They’re just trying to put a lipstick on a pig,” Krikorian said regarding the administration’s border crisis improvement claims.