NOW: Hunter Biden Goes on the Attack Over Laptop

( – Hunter Biden’s legal representatives have filed a lawsuit against John Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware repair shop, accusing him of invasion of privacy by sharing data from Biden’s laptop, according to the Washington Post.

This lawsuit by Hunter Biden is a response to an ongoing defamation suit that Mac Isaac filed against him in 2019. Biden’s lawyers are disputing Mac Isaac’s assertion that the laptop and external hard drive became his property after Biden failed to pick them up within 90 days of leaving them at the repair shop, as reported by the Post.

The lawsuit states, “[Hunter] Biden had more than a reasonable expectation of privacy that any data that he created or maintained … would not be accessed, copied, disseminated, or posted on the Internet for others to use against him or his family or for the public to view.”

The lawsuit further argues that, in contrast to Mac Isaac’s Repair Authorization form, “Delaware law provides that tangible personal property is deemed abandoned” when the owner has not “assert[ed] or declar[ed] property rights to the property for a period of 1 year.” Biden is requesting a jury trial and “compensatory damages” from Mac Isaac.

Subsequently, Mac Isaac provided a copy of the laptop’s data to Rudy Guiliani, who passed it on to the New York Post before the 2020 election. The publication’s coverage of the laptop’s contents was censored on social media and branded as a “Russian information operation” by a group of former intelligence officials.

After the New York Post’s reporting, the Daily Caller News Foundation verified the contents of Biden’s laptop. Several other media organizations have also since confirmed the laptop’s contents.

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