NOW: He’s Been Impeached for Corruption

( – BREAKING OVERNIGHT: Defying the demands of former President Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), late yesterday, the Texas House of Representatives, led by Republicans, impeached the state Attorney General, Ken Paxton, on multiple corruption charges.

Paxton, a Republican, was immediately suspended from his position with a vote of 121-23. While two House members were present but did not vote, three others were absent.

Following the impeachment, Governor Greg Abbott has the authority to appoint an interim replacement for Paxton while awaiting the trial outcome in the state Senate. Notably, Paxton’s wife, Angela, is a member of the Senate.

Paxton referred to his removal as a politically motivated sham and expressed confidence in a fair and just process in the Texas Senate.

During the proceedings, a clerk read out 20 impeachment articles, including charges of disregarding official duty, misusing public resources, engaging in constitutional bribery, obstructing justice, and being unfit for office. State Representative Charlie Geren, a Republican, accused Paxton of threatening House members to dissuade them from supporting the impeachment.

Democratic Representative Ann Johnson, the committee’s vice chair, considered the vote a critical turning point and warned of potential harm if Paxton were allowed to remain in office. She asserted that Paxton’s desperate attempts to sway public opinion revealed his inability to win in a court of law.

Supporters of Paxton criticized the impeachment proceedings, considering them indefensible and unethical. Republican Representatives John Smithee and Tony Tinderholt expressed concerns about the fairness and speed of the process. Smithee argued that Paxton was never notified or invited to present any evidence or testimony that could support his innocence. However, Republican Representative Jeff Leach clarified that Paxton had been asked to testify multiple times but had declined.

Notably, former President Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz voiced their support for Paxton. Trump denounced the impeachment as an unfair process influenced by the radical left, Democrats, and criminals. Meanwhile, Senator Cruz praised Paxton’s conservative record and criticized the Biden administration.

The decision to impeach Paxton coincides with an ongoing FBI criminal investigation into allegations that he abused his office to benefit a wealthy donor, Nate Paul. The last time Texas impeached a major statewide official was in 1917.

Paxton’s impeachment attracted attention from his supporters and curious observers, who lined up early to witness the historic event. One of the charges against Paxton involved alleged bribery related to a job given to a woman with whom Paxton had an affair in exchange for legal services. Paxton admitted to the affair in 2018 when he informed senior members of his political staff.

Paxton’s wife, Angela Paxton, a Texas State Senator, is expected to be one of the jurors in his trial. However, there have been calls from good government groups for her to recuse herself. Despite Paxton’s call for peaceful protests at the Texas Capitol, no such protests have materialized thus far.


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