NOW: Did THIS Just Knock Biden Out of the 2024 Race?!?

( – Many inside and outside Washington, DC, have wondered why President Joe Biden hasn’t announced that he will officially seek a second presidential term.

Now comes news about Biden’s health that raises even more questions, given Biden’s age.

Specifically, the White House has announced that Biden underwent a procedure to remove a cancerous skin lesion from his chest during his annual physical last month.

The announcement by White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor stated that the tissue was sent for biopsy and confirmed as basal cell carcinoma, which was successfully removed and does not require any further treatment.

The doctor added that Biden’s previous physical in November 2021 saw him undergo a colonoscopy during which a benign, slow-growing lesion was excised. In January, Biden’s wife, first lady Jill Biden, also had cancerous lesions removed from her face and chest in an outpatient procedure.

At 78, Biden is the oldest-ever president and was expected to launch a re-election campaign. The president has stated that he intends to run for a second term, but many other things still need to be taken care of first.

Biden has acknowledged that it is legitimate for people to raise questions about his age and has told reporters to “watch me.” However, in private, the president has been reported to have bristled at discussions about his age.

Biden’s recent health issues are the latest in a string of health problems that the commander-in-chief has faced, and the announcement of his skin lesion removal comes as polls show a majority of Democrats want someone else to be the party’s standard-bearer in the 2024 election.

Despite this, Biden remains optimistic and is determined to run for re-election. He has said he is ready to face any questions or concerns people may have about his health and is confident in his ability to do the job.

In conclusion, President Biden’s recent health issues are a reminder of the challenges faced by older politicians and the importance of transparency and open communication about health issues. The public deserves to know their leaders’ health status, and politicians must be honest and open about their health so that voters can make informed decisions at the ballot box.

What is your opinion about Biden’s age, health, and mental fitness to serve another four years if he runs and is re-elected? Share your view by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.

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