NOW: Democrats Take Aim At Concealed Carry Gun Rights

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Democrat members of the Oregon legislature are seeking to pass a package of gun control measures that would provide for substantial restrictions on concealed carry.

One of the new controls the Oregon Democrats are pushing would empower local authorities in cities and countries to limit concealed carry.

“Legislators are also considering bills that would allow cities and counties to prohibit firearms in government buildings and increase the minimum age to own a firearm to 21,” reports Oregon Public Radio, as cited by Breitbart News.

House Bill 2006 would allow an exemption for adults aged 18–20 who buy rifles designated for hunting.

Another control that Oregon Democrats seek to pass, known as House Bill 2005, would prohibit what they refer to as “ghost guns.”

Those are either 3-D printed firearms or “firearms which can be assembled from a kit.”

The Democrat Party holds majorities in both chambers of the Oregon Legislative Assembly: 35 Democrats to 25 Republicans in the state House, 17 Democrats to 12 Republicans, and one independent in the state Senate.

The new gun control onslaught by the Democrats in Oregon is supported by the state’s Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, according to a report by Portland-based TV station KATU.

Rosenblum has complained that executive action by President Joe Biden failed to crack down on “ghost guns” to a sufficient degree.

“It doesn’t go far enough, and that is why we need this law in Oregon. For example, the new federal law does not do anything to prevent 3-D printed guns,” Rosenblum is quoted as saying.

Republican state Rep. Vikki Breeze-Iverson, the Oregon House minority leader, has slammed the Democrats’ gun control push.

“We have legitimate concerns about the constitutionality of House Bill 2006, which effectively tells 18-year-old adults that they cannot engage in activities they are guaranteed a legal right to,” Breeze-Iverson said in a statement.

“At the age of 18 in Oregon, people are allowed to vote and serve in the military. House Bill 2006 tells Oregonians that 18 year olds are not grown up enough to make adult decisions,” she added.

The Oregon House minority leader also blasted the local Democrats for putting all their newly proposed gun controls in one package.

“[This] is another example of the majority steamrolling their extreme agenda in this 2023 Legislative Session,” Breeze-Iverson declared.

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