NOW: Biden Orders ‘Largest Deployment of Military Forces in Decades’

( – BREAKING NOW: President Joe Biden has ordered what is being called the “largest deployment of forces in decades” to Taiwan as concerns of aggression and possible invasion of the island nation by communist China increase.

Specifically, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. is increasing the number of troops deployed to Taiwan, more than quadrupling the current number to bolster a training program for the island’s military amid a rising threat from China.

According to U.S. officials, the U.S. plans to deploy the additional troops to the island in the coming months.

The more significant force will expand a training program the Pentagon has taken pains not to publicize as the U.S. works to provide Taipei with the capabilities it needs to defend itself without provoking Beijing.

The U.S. officials said the additional troops will be tasked with training Taiwan forces on U.S. weapons systems and military maneuvers to protect against a potential Chinese offensive.

The expanded training, both in the U.S. and in Taiwan, is part of a gathering U.S. push to help a close partner prepare to thwart a possible invasion by China. With a decades-old military buildup gaining momentum, China’s People’s Liberation Army is increasingly engaging in aggressive maneuvers, sending planes and ships near Taiwan.

Following Russia’s full-on invasion of Ukraine last year, the Pentagon has redoubled efforts to get Taiwan to adopt what some military specialists call a “porcupine” strategy, focusing on tactics and weapons systems that would make the island harder to assault.

The Michigan National Guard is also training a contingent of the Taiwanese military, including during annual exercises with multiple countries at Camp Grayling in northern Michigan, according to people familiar with the training. The additional U.S. forces going to Taiwan are the latest in a steady increase in numbers since 2019. The training by the Michigan National Guard has been low-profile. The head of the Michigan National Guard, Maj. Gen. Paul Rogers, told reporters last year that the training is mutually beneficial.

Taiwan is a long-running flashpoint in U.S.-China relations. Beijing regards Taiwan as a part of China and has vowed to take control of the island, by force if necessary, while Washington is committed under U.S. law to assist Taiwan in maintaining its defenses. China’s more aggressive military pressure campaign and U.S. moves to bolster the island’s defenses in recent years have further raised tensions. U.S. defense and intelligence officials have said that Beijing has set a goal for the Chinese military to be prepared to take the island by 2027 forcibly. However, some experts and officials believe the PLA could be ready sooner than that.

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