Nikki Haley’s Illegal Immigration Solution

( – Nikki Haley, the newly announced 2024 Republican presidential hopeful, spoke exclusively to Breitbart News about her plans to stop illegal immigration if elected president.

Haley, former governor of South Carolina who served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under former President Donald Trump, stated she aims to provide jobs for Americans and prevent illegal aliens from working in the United States.

During her announcement speech, Haley highlighted the tough immigration law that she signed as governor of South Carolina, Senate Bill 20.

The law imposed statewide E-Verify requirements and gave the governor the resources to enforce it and penalize companies that hired illegal aliens over Americans.

Haley emphasized the importance of the country being a nation of laws and securing its borders, adding that her parents came to the United States legally and that Americans need to have job opportunities available to them.

She explained that the E-Verify measure in South Carolina required employers to verify that a person was legally present in the country before they could be hired. This measure not only prevented illegal immigration but also gave Americans a chance to secure employment.

As president, Haley plans to visit the border and listen to the needs and priorities of Border Patrol agents, in contrast to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who have consistently refused to visit the border.

She criticized Biden for giving Harris the task of dealing with the border crisis and stated that someone needs to go to the border to address the issue.

Haley also spoke about her time in the Trump administration. She praised the successful immigration policies that were in place, such as the Remain in Mexico deal and the agreements with northern triangle countries like Guatemala.

She criticized Biden for breaking these policies and said she would reimplement the successful Trump immigration policies if elected president.

In conclusion, Nikki Haley’s stance on immigration is clear – she intends to secure the borders and provide job opportunities for Americans while preventing illegal aliens from working in the United States. She plans to visit the border as president and listen to the needs and priorities of Border Patrol agents. She will work to reimplement the successful immigration policies of the Trump administration.

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