NEWS NOW: Michigan State Killer’s Note Revealed

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: Anthony McRae, the perpetrator of the Michigan State University shooting, was found with a note threatening to attack two public schools in New Jersey. As a result, Ewing Township closed all of its public schools on Tuesday as a precaution.

McRae, who had a history of mental health issues and local ties to Ewing, was found dead several hours after killing three students and injuring five others.

Although McRae had not lived in New Jersey for several years, his mother was from Trenton, and he was known to have relatives in the area.

Despite the threat note, the police department in Ewing stated that the incident was isolated to Michigan and that there is no threat to Ewing schools.

Officers will remain on patrol around schools for the remainder of the day, and the school system is expected to reopen as usual on Wednesday.

The investigation has not yet determined a motive for McRae’s attack on Michigan State University, and a note found by MSU police did not offer any clues.

MSU Police Interim Deputy Chief Chris Rozman stated that they had “absolutely no idea” why McRae carried out the shooting, as he appeared to have no ties to the university.

McRae’s mother, Linda Gail McRae, was a devoted church-goer who worked in Newark before moving the family to Lansing. She passed away in September 2020 at the same hospital that treated the five people injured in the shooting. The injured are all still in critical condition.


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