NEWS NOW: Mass Casualty Event; Life-Threatening Injuries

( – NEWS NOW: There has been a mass casualty event involving a bus crashing into a building in Baltimore, Maryland. There were many injuries, but the bus driver is a hero for preventing an even greater tragedy.

According to in “MTA bus crashes into Baltimore building, leaves more than a dozen injured: report“:

“A Baltimore area bus crashed into a building Saturday afternoon, causing mass casualties, according to various reports.

“The bus, carrying an unknown number of passengers at the time of this report, is said to have crashed into a building at 500 W Franklin St. in central Baltimore. Two other vehicles were involved, according to local news reports…

“Emergency responders reported an initial 17 injured in need of care and requested an additional five medics, according to Baltimore Metro News.” [emphasis added]


Two of those injured are in serious, possibly life-threatening condition, local reports stated.

“Following the incident, emergency responders declared the scene to be a Level 1 Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) and requested additional resources to assist at the scene.” [emphasis added]

According to witnesses, the bus driver saved numerous lives and has been hailed as a hero.