New Jan. 6 Committee Bombshell

( – A former Republican Congressman, who lost a reelection bid, is now helping Hunter Biden’s legal team counter the House GOP’s investigation into Hunter’s business affairs.

The former US lawmaker seemingly betraying the Republican Party is Denver Riggleman of Virginia, a one-term member of the House of Representatives who was soundly defeated in the 2020 GOP primary by challenger Bob Good.

In 2017, Riggleman unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination for Virginia governor.

The former US Air Force officer’s defection to the left began after he lost his House seat and became a senior technical advisor to Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee.

“Riggleman’s work with Hunter Biden is focused on assessing data issues,” CBS News reports.

“He has assisted Biden’s lawyers as they contend with congressional inquiries and evaluate GOP claims made about his conduct,” the pro-left TV network elaborates, quoting three sources familiar with Biden’s legal team.

Kevin Morris, a lawyer and confidant of President Joe Biden’s son, also confirmed the former Republican’s collaboration.

“Denver has been assisting us with data analysis since late last year. He is an invaluable resource and we have made tremendous strides in untangling the massive amount of corruption and disinformation involved in this story. There will be much more coming to the public,” Morris told CBS.

On Tuesday, the GOP renegade issued a statement explaining his work for Hunter Biden.

“I and my forensics, data, and telephony team are conducting data investigations and analysis for Hunter Biden’s legal team,” Riggleman said, stressing a focus on “data across the spectrum.”

The unnamed sources say the former GOP lawmaker had given the first son “insights into House Republicans and their methods,” which has made him part of Hunter Biden’s inner circle.

They revealed that on Monday, Riggleman met with Hunter Biden’s lawyers at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington, DC.

On Tuesday, July 4, the former Republican was in the White House as part of the Hunter Biden team for the holiday celebrations.

The report notes Riggleman has worked on the GOP statements about the revelations from Hunter Biden’s lost “laptop from hell” at a “critical” period, just as the latter struck a lenient deal with federal prosecutors on tax and gun charges.