NASCAR Star Suffers Unimaginable Tragedy

( – BREAKING NOW: One of the greatest drivers to ever compete in NASCAR has suffered an unimaginable tragedy.

Jimmie Johnson, a seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion who still competes part-time, just learned that his in-laws are the victims of a gruesome murder-suicide.

Based on several reports, we know Johnson’s parents-in-law and his young nephew were tragically killed in a scenario that Oklahoma police are treating as a murder-suicide.

Muskogee, Oklahoma, police shared with TMZ that the victims were Jack and Terry Janway, the parents of Johnson’s wife, Chandra Janway, and their 11-year-old grandson, Dalton Janway.

Terry, who was 68 years old, is currently viewed as a suspect by law enforcement officials, according to TMZ and Fox 23. However, the incident is still under investigation, with no apparent reasons behind this horrifying act having been revealed.

Upon reaching the scene, officials found a body in a hallway of the house. This was followed by the sound of another gunshot from within the dwelling. As the officers continued their search, they discovered two more bodies inside the home.

A woman, suspected to be Terry, had made a 911 call warning authorities of a person with a firearm inside the house. Shortly after, she abruptly ended the call.

Jack, who was 69 years old, was a respected chiropractor and acupuncturist in Muskogee. According to the city’s mayor, Marlon Coleman, he owned Janway Chiropractic and Acupuncture and was a well-regarded figure within the community.

Coleman expressed his grief over the tragedy, particularly shaken by the involvement of a child. He shared his connection with Dr. Janway, stating, “Dr. Janway has worked on me, we’ve been acquaintances for a very, very long time since I’ve been in Muskogee. Just knowing that it was him and his family took a different toll on me.”

Jimmie Johnson was supposed to participate in a racing event in Chicago over the weekend. However, his team announced his withdrawal from the race due to this devastating family matter and mentioned that there would be no further comments at this time.

Johnson and Chandra got married in 2004, and they have two daughters.