Mom Goes on Berserk Stabbing Spree at Hospital

( – Kendra Greene from Florida got arrested because she went on a berserk stabbing and removed her newborn baby from life-support equipment. Her attack on the hospital personnel resulted in three hospital staff members being cut.

This shocking event took place on Thursday night. After it, Greene faced charges of two incidents of severe battery involving a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, intense child abuse, and minor battery.

Fox Orlando reported that Greene had just become a mother three days earlier, and her newborn was in the specialized newborn care unit (NICU) at the Palms West Hospital. She returned to the NICU on Thursday with a plan to take her baby home. While disconnecting her baby from the life-support machine, she pulled out a knife when the hospital staff tried to stop her.

This caused injuries to three staff members. Thankfully, their wounds weren’t life-threatening, and they were treated in the hospital.

The local law enforcement agency, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, shared that after taking her baby, Greene left the baby with a family member. The baby was then brought back to the hospital, and the doctors were able to stabilize its condition. The hospital stated that Greene forcefully removed the breathing assistance machine from her baby’s mouth. She also disconnected the baby from the feeding tube and other life-saving equipment.

Greene tried to smuggle the baby out of the hospital by hiding it under her shirt. However, the hospital quickly announced a “code pink” alert over their speaker system. This alert signified a child was being taken unlawfully, which made the staff attempt to stop anyone trying to leave.