Mass Shooting; Multiple Dead/Wounded

( – A new mass shooting has left multiple homeless people dead or wounded after a lone shooter opened fire near a homeless encampment in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the suspect remaining on the loose.

The incident occurred during the weekend, with five homeless people shot, at least one of them dying of their injuries, Fox 5 reports.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is actively searching for the sole suspect responsible for this act.

The shooting occurred around 5:30 p.m. near a freeway overpass in the city’s northeastern area, revealed Lt. Mark Lourenco of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

There was some initial confusion about the casualty count, with a police commander initially stating that two individuals had died.

Later, Jason Johansson, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, said during a briefing that one man in his 50s had been declared deceased.

Of the remaining victims, one was in critical condition, while the other three were stable. Lt. Lourenco confirmed that all victims were without housing.

Addressing concerns about the nature of the incident, Lt. Lourenco stated,

“We believe this is an isolated event,” in response to an inquiry regarding the possibility of an active shooter situation.

He further noted that while it was determined that a single shooter was involved, the suspect had not been apprehended.

The shooting in Las Vegas occurred on the day when the Los Angeles Police Department announced they were actively seeking a suspect in the fatal shootings of three homeless individuals in separate occurrences the previous week.

The Los Angeles Police Department has assembled a specialized task force of investigators after three men, each sleeping alone, were fatally shot during the early morning hours. Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore confirmed this on Friday.

In response to these tragic events in Los Angeles, Mayor Karen Bass advised the city’s 46,000 homeless residents to avoid being alone at night, as cited by The Guardian.

“This news is devastating to our city. Living in the streets is dangerous, and four to five people die in our streets from a range of causes, and violence is certainly one of them,” she said.

In a follow-up announcement on Saturday, the LAPD said a suspect in the murder of three sleeping homeless men had been detained. He was identified as convicted felon Jerrid Joseph Powell, 33.