Mass Shooting at Popular Resort

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: In a horrifying reminder that mass shootings are not a uniquely American tragedy, at least seven people, including a 7-year-old child, lost their lives when armed assailants attacked a resort filled with vacationers in central Mexico on Saturday.

An eighth person was critically injured in the mid-afternoon shooting, which claimed the lives of three women, three men, and a child near the pool at the La Palma resort in Cortazar, a small town south of Guanajuato city.

Disturbing video footage captured soon after the incident showed shocked adults and children walking by lifeless bodies piled up near the pool.

The attackers began shooting randomly around 4:30 p.m., subsequently destroying the resort’s spa store and taking the security cameras that recorded the appalling mass murder, according to officials.

Mexican authorities utilized a helicopter to search for the assailants after they escaped the scene on Saturday.

The identity of those responsible for the shooting was not immediately apparent, although, in recent years, drug cartels have engaged in conflicts within the state.

Officials have not revealed any potential motives for the attack.

Social media videos also displayed heartbroken vacationers in swimsuits, embracing their children.

“A group of heavily armed sicarios arrived, and this is the result,” said an unidentified man, using a term for hired assassins, as he recorded a video at the resort that was later shared online.

“After the attack, (the attackers) fled, but not before causing damage to the resort store and taking the security cameras and the monitor,” stated Cortazar’s security department.

No arrests have been made, and authorities are investigating any possible motives for the attack.