Liberal School Asked Middle-Schoolers WHAT?

( – A liberal public school in Boston, Massachusetts, has sparked public outrage by asking middle school students to take a survey with questions on transgenderism and oral sex.

Sixth- and seventh-grade students at Eliot K-8 Innovation School were given the Youth Risk Behavioral Survey as part of a project by the Boston Public Schools District.

The questionnaire asked the middle schoolers about their sexual history, including their sexual orientation, whether they have had sex, and the number of their sexual partners, reports The Washington Free Beacon, as cited by Newsmax.

“Have you ever participated in oral sex?” one question asked, according to a copy of the survey obtained by the Free Beacon.

“Oral sex is when a person puts their mouth on another person’s genitals or private area,” the question explained.

“Are you transgender?” asked another question in the survey.

The question came after it explained that a transgender person is “someone who does not feel the same inside as the sex they were born with.”

After parents were outraged by the survey, Eliot K-8 Innovation School’s principal sent them a letter agreeing with the “many concerns” about its appropriateness and vowing to take their complaints to the school district.

Deirdre Hall, whose daughter is a sixth-grader at the school, revealed she learned about the survey when her child came home and said the “really weird” questionnaire was given to her during history class.

The mother said she was worried by the “explicit” nature of the questions because the middle schoolers had not been given “a single ounce of sex education” yet. She also wondered whether the poll was truly anonymous.

“She said half her class didn’t even know what any of this stuff meant. Now they’re coming home and asking their parents and their friends, ‘What’s oral sex?’” Hall said.

Besides oral sex and transgenderism, the survey also tackled suicide, recreational drug use, and having enough food at home.

“To go on field trips, the district has parents sign permission slips, but for the district to ask our children private explicit sexual questions, they are able to do so without consent? This makes no sense,” another outraged mother told the news outlet.

The report notes that parents nationwide are “pushing back” against inappropriate content in school curriculums.

Thus, in another relevant case, parents are suing the Clark County School District and several school officials in Las Vegas, Nevada, because high school students were made to recite a pornographic monologue in drama class.

The students’ parents are suing the district and school officials for “unlawful grooming and abuse of a minor” as it became clear that the monologue was “too vulgar” to be read aloud during school board meetings.

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