Judge Rips Up Hunter’s Plea Deal

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – The plea deal that would have seen Hunter Biden serve no prison time for his admitted tax and gun crimes has crashed and burned spectacularly after a federal judge had doubts about approving it and the first son’s lawyers quarreled with prosecutors over a lingering investigation.

Hunter’s probation-only plea deal collapsed after Delaware US District Judge Maryellen Noreika first resented how both sides expected her to “rubber-stamp” it and then asked whether the US Justice Department still had an open investigation into the infamous first son.

When the prosecutors answered affirmatively, the hearing evolved into an argument between them and the lawyers, leading Hunter Biden to declare that he pleaded not guilty, The New York Post reports, calling the development a “stunning turn of events.”

During the court hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, in an “improperly broad agreement,”

President Joe Biden’s son was expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges for failing to pay his 2017 and 2018 taxes and to enter a diversion program for a federal felony over possessing a gun while addicted to drugs.

However, 90 minutes into the hearing, Judge Noreika asked Assistant US Attorney Leo Wise, a Delaware US Attorney David Weiss subordinate, if Hunter Biden was still being investigated for other potential crimes.

The probe revolves around Hunter’s failure to register as a foreign agent over international dealings in which he received millions of dollars from countries such as China, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine in affairs that reportedly involved his father.

Wise said the probe remained ongoing, adding that if Hunter Biden’s lawyers thought it would be closed, “then there’s no deal.”

The first son’s principal lawyer, Chris Clark, had made it clear earlier that he thought his client’s criminal liability would be fully resolved through the plea deal.

“As far as I’m concerned, the plea agreement is null and void,” he reacted “dramatically” to Wise’s remarks.

After additional bargaining during a 20-minute recess, the two sides presented a revised deal under which Hunter Biden would face no extra charges over tax crimes from 2014-2019 or his gun violations and drug use.

The judge remained “suspicious” and asked whether she was expected to rubber-stamp a no-prison deal for Hunter Biden.

“We’re not asking the court to rubber-stamp anything,” Wise said.

“Well, it certainly seems that way,” the judge reacted.

Three hours into the hearing, Noreika concluded that even the revised plea deal was “not straightforward” and featured “atypical provisions.” Wise had to admit there was no legal precedent for such an agreement.

“I think having you guys talk more makes sense. Without me saying I’ll agree to the plea agreement, how do you plead?” the judge asked Hunter Biden.

“Not guilty, your honor,” the first son replied.

As his plea deal has seemingly collapsed for now, his next court hearing is set for August 25.

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