Jan. 6 Protester Gets Huge Prison Sentence Because of THIS

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – A man who used a stun gun on a police officer during a particularly violent portion of the Capitol riot was given a prison sentence of over 12 years on Wednesday.

Daniel “D.J.” Rodriguez was taken from the courtroom where he had been sentenced by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, shouting, “Trump won!” This sentencing relates to his involvement in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Thus far, only two other defendants involved in the same incident have been given longer prison sentences.

Judge Jackson described Rodriguez, aged 40, as a person embodying hatred, who attacked police and damaged property during the Capitol riot. She told him he was eager for a fight when he came to Washington, D.C., and he had no one else to blame for his actions.

Footage from Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone’s body camera showed him screaming as Rodriguez attacked him with a stun gun while a crowd surrounded him. Fanone was dragged into the crowd, and when other rioters began to attack him, he lost consciousness and suffered a heart attack after Rodriguez repeatedly used the stun gun on him.

Before the judge passed her sentence, Fanone spoke about the premature end of his law enforcement career due to the January 6 attack. He also mentioned becoming a target for supporters of Donald Trump who believe Democrats stole the 2020 election from the Republican incumbent.

Fanone didn’t stay to hear Rodriguez’s statement to the judge, but he didn’t miss an apology from Rodriguez. After spending over two years in jail, Rodriguez will get credit for time already served.

Rodriguez expressed hope that Fanone would be okay, acknowledging that the officer seemed in great pain. However, Fanone stated he didn’t wish to listen to Rodriguez’s “rambling, incoherent” speech.

Prosecutors suggested a prison sentence of 14 years for Rodriguez, who admitted in February to charges including the assault of Fanone. They also proposed a nearly $100,000 fine to cover Fanone’s medical costs and leave of absence.

The injuries Fanone suffered ended his career in law enforcement. He’s since written a book about his experiences on January 6 and has given his testimony to a House committee investigating the insurrection.

In February, Rodriguez admitted guilt to four felony charges, including conspiracy and assault of a law enforcement officer with a weapon. His plea came about two weeks before his trial was scheduled to begin in Washington, D.C.

On the day of the attack, Rodriguez was part of the mob of rioters who attacked police after attending the “Stop the Steal” rally led by then-President Donald Trump. Prosecutors reported that Rodriguez attacked police with a fire extinguisher, a wooden pole, and a stun gun.

Fanone managed to escape and later collapsed behind the police line.

During an interview with the FBI after his arrest in March 2021, Rodriguez tearfully said he believed he was doing the “right thing” on January 6 and was ready to give his life to “save the country.” He expressed shame for his actions.

Rodriguez was active in a Telegram group chat before January 6, where he posted violent messages. His lawyers stated that he idolized Trump, even referring to him as ‘dad’ in his social media chats.

Over 1,000 people have been charged with federal crimes concerning the January 6 riot. Around 700 of them have either pleaded guilty or been convicted following trials. Roughly 550 have been sentenced, with more than half given prison terms ranging from seven days to 18 years.