Infamous Killer Back In the News

( – The highly disturbing legal saga around disgraced lawyer and convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh has seen a new development as he has just been sentenced to dozens more years in prison for numerous financial crimes, including tax evasion, embezzlement, and forgery.

On Tuesday, Murdaugh, already serving two life sentences without parole for killing his wife Maggie and son Paul, received a 27-year prison sentence for a series of white-collar crimes.

The former lawyer entered guilty pleas to several charges as part of a plea agreement at the Beaufort County Courthouse in South Carolina, The New York Post reports.

According to The State, this sentence is the most severe ever imposed in South Carolina for white-collar crimes.

Murdaugh faced 101 charges, originating from his embezzlement of millions of dollars from his law clients, friends, and family.

Following the presentation of impact statements from victims, the judge confirmed the sentence, which had been prearranged in a plea deal earlier in the month.

In this deal, Murdaugh admitted guilt to 22 charges and was expected to be sentenced to 27 years.

As a condition of the plea agreement, Murdaugh waived his right to appeal and will be eligible for parole after completing 85% of his sentence.

During the sentencing, State Attorney Creighton Waters estimated that Murdaugh embezzled over $12.4 million over a decade.

However, he was formally charged with embezzling $8 million and related charges, as per The State.

Waters detailed the experiences of several victims, including Jordan Jinks, who lost approximately $150,000 due to Murdaugh’s fraudulent activities. Jinks was observed in the courtroom, visibly distraught.

Tony Satterfield, whose late mother Gloria was employed as a housekeeper by the Murdaughs, addressed Murdaugh directly in court, expressing his forgiveness for Murdaugh’s deceit and theft.

It was acknowledged during Murdaugh’s trial for the murder of his wife and son that he had a drug addiction and spent up to $50,000 weekly on opioids.

“I feel good that [Murdaugh] will never breathe a fresh breath of air again,” said the family’s attorney, Eric Bland.

Murdaugh offered an apology to his victims and to his surviving elder son, 26-year-old Buster, who wasn’t present in the courtroom.

“Buster, I am so sorry that I let you down. I am so sorry that I have not been able to be with you during such hard times,” he told his son, who was not in court today.