Illegals ‘Disrespect Us, Rob Us, Harass Us’

( – According to a Fox News account, lawful residents of a neighborhood in the Chicago area, annoyed by the unsettling actions of illegal aliens at a local shelter, expressed their grievances to city officials this week.

Local residents voiced that they no longer could bear with illegals hanging around aimlessly, partaking in late-night parties, engaging in prostitution, littering, and even getting into fights with community members, as reported by CBS2 Chicago.

Troubled locals told city officials present that the migrants’ conduct made them feel endangered. “I would ask you all to go out there — go out there at night, in the middle of the night — and see what goes on,” one upset resident stated. Another woman articulated her discontent, saying, “They disrespect us, they rob us, they harass us.”

One resident warned that if they didn’t take action on the issue, locals would take matters into their own hands. “Let me say this — they’ve got one more time to deal with it, because otherwise, next time they deal with it, they’re going to deal with it from the streets. We’re going to take over. Nobody is going to be able to stop us from what we’re going to do to them.”

People in another neighborhood of Chicago also expressed their disapproval towards city officials this week when it was revealed that plans were made to relocate migrants into a local gym.

“Definitely a slap in face. Definitely not taking into consideration what the community wants,” commented Greer Gilmore, a resident of Edgewater, to CBS2.

The annoyance regarding the migrant crisis came to a head during a monthly immigration committee hearing on Wednesday. City council members accused Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office of not doing enough to tackle the safety issues.

Brendan Reilly, an alderman representing the 42nd Ward, gave a description of the situation at a hotel housing 1,400 migrants in Streeterville, saying, “There were about 60 kids, guns in their waste bands, consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana on the public right-of-way, unchecked, and this is not a one-time occurrence,” as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jeanette Taylor, an Alderman of Chicago’s 20th Ward, reportedly accused Mayor Johnson’s aides of downplaying the harsh reality locals face.

“Tell the issue about the people who are outside threatening [residents]. Tell them about the sex trafficking that’s happening. The drug dealing that’s happening,” she urged. “They’re outside smoking weed. They’re outside having whole parties right in front of the senior building. And the police are scared. Let’s be honest.”

Taylor also criticized city leaders for not taking the crisis seriously enough to discuss it with officials from the Biden administration when they were in the city on Monday to discuss the city’s hosting of the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

“So y’all didn’t think with the (Democratic National Convention) here, nobody bothered about discussing with Biden (and his) administration about the conditions that we’re having with the shelters and the asylum-seekers?” Taylor questioned, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.