Illegal Killed Daughter; Mother Blames Biden

( – In an unusual but perfectly understandable move, the family of a young American woman who was brutally murdered in 2022 by an illegal immigrant is now going to sue President Joe Biden’s administration for $100 million in a wrongful death claim involving the migrant invasion.

The family of a 20-year-old woman argued that the Biden administration’s immigration policies were responsible for releasing an illegal immigrant who later murdered their daughter.

This individual, who had ties to the notorious MS-13 gang, is accused of brutally raping and strangling the woman using a phone charging cord, The Washington Times reports.

It was later discovered that the suspect had connections to MS-13 at the time of his illegal entry into the United States.

Despite this, he was released under the Biden administration’s more lenient policies concerning illegal immigrant children.

The massive wrongful death lawsuit over the president’s illegal immigration policies has been announced by Brian Claypool, the attorney representing Tammy Nobles, the mother of the victim Kayla Hamilton.

“We bring this landmark lawsuit in honor of Kayla to get answers on how this catastrophic failure occurred and help prevent another senseless murder,” Claypool said.

Nobles is scheduled to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee as part of the impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Claypool announced via social media that the lawsuit would target both the Department of Homeland Security, which initially apprehended the young immigrant, and the Department of Health and Human Services, which later released him into the community.

The migrant in question arrived from El Salvador as a 16-year-old in March 2022 amid a significant influx of migrants, particularly children, crossing the border illegally during President Biden’s tenure.

According to Congressional disclosures from the previous year, he was apprehended and classified as an Unaccompanied Child (UC), a term for minors caught crossing the border without a parent.

The boy claimed to have fled gang violence in El Salvador, having paid $4,000 to a smuggler to get him across the border.

However, it was later revealed that he was linked to the MS-13 gang in El Salvador.

“The killer had been arrested in El Salvador in 2020 for being associated with an illicit gang. All DHS had to do was make one phone call to verify this and Kayla would be alive,” Claypool emphasized.