ICYMI: They Want To Kill Him

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Due to a decision that got little news coverage, Bryan Kohberger, the Idaho mass murderer, is now facing a trial for survival, as he may confront execution by firing squad if found guilty of the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle.

The prosecution has declared they aim to request the death penalty against him.

In Idaho, a law permitting the utilization of a firing squad as an alternative method to lethal injection for capital punishment became effective on July 1. His trial was set for October.

At this time, Kohberger’s lawyers, representing the 28-year-old, are pursuing substantial evidence from the prosecution. They argue this evidence is vital for their client’s defense.

The debate regarding some of this evidence occurred in a recent court hearing. During the proceedings, the judge drew parallels between this case and that of Lori Vallow.

Judge John Judge referred to another highly publicized Idaho murder case as a caution to the media about using cameras in the court. He commented that if the media continues to concentrate solely on Mr. Kohberger, there could be a ban on cameras in the court.

Moreover, it was revealed that Mr. Kohberger was previously found guilty of theft nine years before his alleged savage stabbing attack, which resulted in the death of four students from the University of Idaho in Moscow.