Hostage Families Descend on Capitol Hill

( – In a new desperate push against the Biden administration’s failure to secure the release of US and Israeli hostages captured on October 7 by the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas, members of their families went to Capitol Hill to beg Congress and the Biden administration for more help.

The profound distress and anguish of families whose relatives have been kept by Hamas for over 100 days was palpably evident as they made passionate appeals on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

These families shared harrowing accounts of their last interactions with their loved ones on October 7 when the terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad sadistically massacred over 1,400 people, including 33 Americans, and kidnapped 240 others.

While over 100 hostages have been released, more than 130 remain in Hamas’s captivity.

Yarden Gonin vividly described the last conversation with her sister Romi, aged 23, who was taken from the Nova music festival. Romi’s message was chilling:

“Mom, we were ambushed, they are shooting at us. Ben is most likely dead, Gaia was shot and she’s not responding, Ophir is wounded badly. I was shot in my arm. If no one will come quickly, I will be dead,” Gonin recalled.

“A phone call that ended with my sister, my beautiful, amazing, gentle, caring and loving little sister, being kidnapped into Gaza by cruel terrorists after she saw her best friend murdered in front of her eyes. 103 days. No daylight. No fresh water. No food. No air,” she added.

Narratives from those released in a fleeting agreement at November’s end shed light on the dire conditions they faced: confinement in a complex network of underground tunnels, hospitals, and local homes, suffering from lack of basic necessities, and subjected to torture and sexual violence.

Ashley Waxman-Bakshi spoke for her 19-year-old cousin Agam Berger, who was abducted in her sleepwear.

“What’s really scary for us is being a family member of such a young girl, and we know that there is sexual abuse … we know that in captivity there is, and three months later pregnancy could be an issue. Every day that passes, you can only have an abortion up until a certain date, and this is something we’re really fearful [about]. Everyone needs to come home, but specifically young women cannot be, teenagers,” she stated.

The families were joined by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and other prominent legislators, who hinted at a new strategy but did not provide specifics.

“Don’t give up hope, there are always new initiatives as there are now. Slow, slow, slow but important progress, not that that progress cannot come fast enough,” he said.