Horrific: Mother Mauled to Death


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a tragic incident that unfolded in Georgia, a mom was fatally attacked and her three children were harmed by a pack of dogs near a middle school just before Mother’s Day.

According to the New York Post, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported that the dogs assaulted the family near Brooks County Middle School in Quitman.

35-year-old mother Courtney Williams was discovered dead in a nearby yard, and at the moment, the GBI is conducting an autopsy to determine her official cause of death.

“When deputies arrived, they encountered several aggressive dogs on the property,” stated the GBI.

Williams’ kids were taken to the hospital while her son, trying to shield his sister, suffered severe lacerations.

“Kayden push sissy out of harm’s way by doing so he saved her but took on the dogs himself,” Williams’ sister-in-law Crystal Cox said on Facebook.

Moreover, Cox posted distressing images showing Kayden with deep wounds on his arms, legs, and head.

Another son ran into the school to get help during the attack. Cox praised a man who assisted in fighting off the dogs and taking the children to the hospital.

Though Kayden was seriously injured, all three kids are now at home recovering.

In turn, officials did not specify the dog breed involved, but neighbors mentioned previous issues with dogs and urged for better animal control.

“People dump dogs all over the county and no one can get help with them because there’s no county animal control. Praying for this woman’s family. This is so sad,” one resident lamented.

Another expressed sympathy for the family, especially as they face Mother’s Day without their mom.

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