Hillary Blames MAGA for WHAT?

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Failed Democrat politician Hillary Clinton has blamed this year’s summer heat on “MAGA Republicans.”

Clinton’s fresh anti-Republican accusation came in a tweet posted last week, a retweet of a picture with apocalyptic climate change headlines from several lefty mainstream media: CNN, CNBC, CBS News, Forbes, and The Washington Post.

“Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office,” wrote the Democrat who is now best known as a “twice-failed presidential candidate.”

The leftist headlines shown in her retweet claim that June and July have been the hottest months humanity has ever experienced.

“The climate crisis is here. That’s why President Biden passed historic clean energy investments that will grow the economy and help fight climate change. Every MAGA Republican in Congress voted No,” reads a caption at the bottom of the image.

A report by The Daily Caller stresses that it is impossible to prove that summer 2023 has been the hottest ever.

“Has it been the hottest summer ever? We have no idea, and it is really embarrassing for Clinton to assume that we do,” the article points out.

It notes the complex nature of gathering long-term climate data, and especially the fact that most of today’s technology for weather and climate tracking “didn’t exist even ten or fifteen years ago.”

The report’s author, Kay Smythe, shares a personal conclusion based on a college degree that humans cannot change the global climate. He argues that even if climate change were true and humans turned off all pollution immediately, “Earth’s climate wouldn’t change its behavior for thousands of years.”

Smythe insists that the only thing elected officials could do for the people in the event of hot weather would be to protect the power grid from failures and other issues.

“If Clinton and her cronies really wanted to stop the impacts of an ever-changing climate, they’d be adapting our homes, our food supply, our energy grids to ensure they could weather whatever happens into the future,” the conservative commentator writes.

“But they don’t, they just spew hate while getting richer and richer off their propaganda,” he concludes.