He Killed Because of THIS?!

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a case of a stupefying absurdity, the gunman behind the recent mass shooting at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas may have committed the murders because his application for a professor job at the school had been rejected.

The UNLV killer has now been identified as Anthony Polito, a 67-year-old who had previously applied for a professorship at UNLV, revealed law enforcement sources cited by ABC News and The New York Post.

Polito engaged in the shooting on Wednesday before noon, armed with a handgun.

He was later killed in an exchange of gunfire with two police detectives.

The incident began around 11:45 a.m. in Beam Hall, the university’s business school.

Upon their arrival, police discovered three individuals deceased and another critically injured but stable individual taken to a hospital.

Four others were hospitalized due to panic attacks, and two officers received treatment for minor injuries incurred while securing the campus buildings.

Polito’s LinkedIn profile described him as a “semi-retired university professor” in Las Vegas.

His academic journey included an undergraduate double major in mathematics and statistics at Radford University, a master’s degree from Duke University, and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Georgia.

He served as an associate professor at East Carolina University for over 15 years.

On his personal website, Polito shared a 15-page theory claiming to have decoded messages left by the Zodiac Killer, a notorious criminal active in Northern California during the late 1960s.

“Just so you won’t initially write off my solution as that of a total crackpot, let me first say that I have been a member of MENSA for 35 years, I hold a double undergraduate degree in Mathematics & Statistics (two skills closely associated with successful cryptographers) … and I hold a masters degree and a doctoral degree from top-tier universities as well. So I am not a dumb guy!” Polito wrote.

He also claimed to have resolved the mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and deciphered the true meaning of Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “Inception.”

His website also features 109 pages of mostly positive feedback that he had received from his students.

“Dr. Polito teaches students about things that happen in the real world that we will be able to apply in our careers. He definitely knows his course material and every new class covers interesting topics,” one student wrote.