Grocery Clerk Murdered HOW?!

Police line

( – In a shocking incident that has left a Minneapolis neighborhood reeling, a beloved local grocery clerk, known for his involvement in the community, was tragically killed in a bizarre and unprovoked attack.

The victim, recognized by residents as dancer Robert Skafte, was working at Oak Grove Grocery near downtown Minneapolis when the assailant, identified as 44-year-old Taylor Justin Schulz, impaled him through the chest with a golf club.

The horrific event unfolded on Friday just before 1 p.m. at the small neighborhood store. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, Schulz, in a sudden and violent outburst, attacked Skafte with the golf club, causing fatal injuries. Despite the brutal nature of the assault, Skafte remained conscious and alert, even managing to communicate details of the attack to a neighbor who entered the store immediately afterward.

Tony Gutoski, the neighbor, relayed Skafte’s account to The Post, noting that the victim identified Schulz as the attacker – a man who had been acting erratically earlier and had returned to commit the violent act. Skafte was quickly transported to a hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

The suspect, Schulz, was located by authorities in an apartment across the street from the store, where he had barricaded himself. Following a tense six-hour standoff involving negotiators, SWAT, a drone unit, and a bomb squad, Schulz was apprehended and subsequently booked into the Hennepin County Jail on probable cause murder.

The motive behind this gruesome and senseless attack remains unclear. However, Gutoski described Schulz as “a f–king crazy person,” mentioning that he had called 911 before the attack, bizarrely requesting to speak with the FBI.

Robert Skafte, remembered as a “fixture in the neighborhood” and an enthusiastic participant in the local theater scene, was mourned by the community. A heartfelt memorial featuring candles, flowers, and photographs was set up outside Oak Grove Grocery, paying tribute to a man who was much more than just a store clerk to those who knew him.