Gov. Threatens Gun Rights

( – An initiative that could transform the state into a battleground for gun control measures and threaten the gun rights of law-abiding Americans, particularly concerning so-called assault weapons, is being spearheaded by New Mexico’s Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

On Monday, Governor Lujan Grisham announced plans to push the state’s Democratic-led legislature to deliberate on statewide restrictions mirroring a unique proposal by U.S. senators, including New Mexico’s own Martin Heinrich.

This initiative aims to reduce the lethality of assault-style weapons by limiting their rapid-fire capabilities and magazine sizes.

The federal Go Safe Act, which inspired this state-level proposal, specifically targets the mechanics of high-pressure gas cycling in firearms. If passed, it would enforce a permanent fix to magazines, capping them at ten rounds for rifles and 15 rounds for certain heavy-format pistols.

Grisham expressed confidence in the state lawmakers’ ability to debate this contentious issue fairly. “I’ve got a set of lawmakers that are more likely than not to have a fair debate about guns, gun violence, weapons of war and keeping New Mexicans safe than members of Congress are,” she stated during a news conference at the state Capitol.

This move comes in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June decision, which significantly expanded gun rights with a 6-3 ruling by the conservative majority. This ruling, invalidating a New York law restricting public gun carrying, has implications for several states with similar laws. In response, states like New York have been crafting new gun restrictions to align with the Supreme Court’s decision.

In New Mexico, Lujan Grisham has already taken steps to limit gun rights, particularly in response to a series of shootings in the state’s largest metro area. She issued an emergency public health order suspending the right to carry guns at public parks and playgrounds, which has since faced public protests from gun rights advocates and ongoing legal challenges in federal court.

The original September order, which broadly suspended the right to carry guns in most public spaces, faced resistance from law enforcement and was later scaled back.

Lujan Grisham’s approach also includes broader strategies to combat violent crime, such as increased arrests, gun buybacks, inspections of firearms dealers, hospital reports on gunshot victims, and wastewater testing for illicit substances. This comprehensive strategy is part of her response to the recent surge in gun violence, highlighted by a tragic shooting incident involving two teenagers outside a high school basketball game.

With the New Mexico Legislature convening in January for a 30-day session focused on budget matters, other bills, including those related to gun control, can be introduced at the governor’s discretion. Lujan Grisham’s proposals represent a significant step in the ongoing national debate over gun control, reflecting a growing urgency to address gun violence and its impact on public safety.