Far-Left Magazine Finally Admits THIS

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – The far-left New York Magazine has finally admitted mass illegal immigration to the United States is “bad for housing prices,” affecting Americans seeking to buy single-family homes.

A commentary by Breitbart News points out that the leftist magazine’s admission comes after years of research has demonstrated that America’s immigrant intake – over 1 million legal migrants annually plus millions of illegal aliens – spikes housing prices for lower- and middle-income Americans.

“Yet one key sector in which immigrants drive higher demand is housing. People need homes,” writes New York Magazine author Eric Levitz.

However, instead of concluding that the US needs to reduce immigration, which seems to be the desire of most Americans, Levitz argues that the US authorities should make it “work” by allowing the quick construction of “multi-family complexes in single-family neighborhoods. That would require dismantling local zoning laws.

“In a world of restrictive zoning and housing scarcity, the nationalist right’s anti-immigrant narrative attains a modicum of plausibility: If the supply of housing units is largely fixed, then allowing immigrants to enter your city will reduce the housing security of the native-born,” Levitz writes.

“This insight should not lead us to abandon large-scale immigration, however, but to facilitate housing development. As a matter of ethics and economics, the United States must increase legal immigration. Since our nation’s population is aging, a shrinking share of prime-age workers will need to support a growing share of retirees in the coming decades. At the same time, the working-age population of sub-Saharan Africa is set to grow by 700 million by mid-century and that of Latin America and the Caribbean by 40 million,” the New York Magazine author argues.

“When housing construction fails to match population growth, massive immigration imposes burdens on ordinary people. As recent events in New York make clear, that will create political difficulties in even the most cosmopolitan of areas,” Levitz elaborates.

Breitbart’s analysis stresses that other publications promoting mass immigration to the US – such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal – have “made similar admissions” lately.

Breitbart quotes Republican US Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio warning that the imports of millions of immigrants each year resemble “economic warfare.”

“Think of the effects that this has on working Americans’ wages to have 10 million more people who shouldn’t be here competing for jobs,” Vance said.

“Think about what this does for housing prices, when you have to house 10 million people that shouldn’t be here, that drives up the costs of housing when interest rates are already through the roof,” he added.

“This is economic warfare and theft of the American dream from American citizens, that is the big problem here, and that’s why we have to keep fighting it,” the Ohio Republican warned further.

A 2013 study by the New American Economy, a nonprofit funded by Michael Bloomberg, wrote 40 million immigrants created $3.7 trillion in extra housing costs created by immigrants for the next generation was, in fact, “housing wealth.”

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