Famous TV Food Stars Killed


(GoRealNewsNow.com) – In a dreadful incident, two beloved California TV food critics were tragically killed when a semi-truck crashed head-on into their car in Missouri.

Allan Borgen and Isabel “Izzy” Busse, stars of “Let’s Dine Out” and longtime romantic partners, were driving on Interstate 44 near Lebanon around 6:45 p.m. when a tractor-trailer from the opposite direction swerved into their lane.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 75-year-old Borgen was driving their minivan and was pronounced dead at the scene, while 54-year-old Buss died at a local hospital.

KVCR Public Media, where the food critic worked for 32 years, confirmed his death and released a statement saying, “His easy smile and friendly demeanor will be remembered fondly.”

Borgen, a retired social worker, started his career as a food critic in the early 1990s, writing for local newspapers and appearing on TV.

Former Sun features editor John Weeks expressed, “He was very personable, and a very lively presence. Had a great sense of humor. He wrote enthusiastically about food. I discovered many restaurants through his reviews, and thousands of readers did, too.”

Known for his loud Hawaiian shirts and bold personality, the TV personality was a well-known figure in the Inland Empire area, making it hard for him to go unnoticed during his reviews.

Borgen also hosted a dining club called the “Grub Club,” where he met his late wife, Busse. They started as friends, bonding over food, and their relationship grew into something both romantic and professional.

Moreover, “Izzy” Busse co-hosted “Let’s Dine Out” with Borgen, focusing on promoting mom-and-pop shops.

Busse’s friend of more than 20 years, Jeanette Rodriguez, said, “She always had a really fun laugh; she was always up for anything.”

“Allan was just a sweet man, he always adored her. He liked to spoil her. There’s nobody who can say anything bad about either one of them, at all,” she added.

As for now, it is unclear if the driver of the semi-truck is facing any charges for the crash.

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