EXPOSED: Another Biden Family Member Got Chinese Money

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed today that Hallie Biden, President Biden’s daughter-in-law, is the new family member who received Chinese funds in 2017.

According to subpoenaed bank records, Hallie, Hunter Biden’s former sister-in-law and lover received $35,000 over two transfers in 2017 from Biden family associate Rob Walker. Walker received $3 million from State Energy HK Limited, a firm linked to CEFC China Energy.

The records raise questions about the involvement of other Biden family members.

Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden, who passed away in 2015, and the mother of two of the president’s grandchildren.

She was in a relationship with Hunter Biden from 2016 to 2019, coinciding with the Chinese dealings.

Comer stated that over several years, Biden family members and their companies received over $1.3 million in payments related to Rob Walker. Most of the money came from a wire transfer from a Chinese energy company. The services provided to obtain this money remain unclear.

Over three months, more than a third of the $3 million received by Walker’s firm was forwarded to Biden family associate James Gilliar, with $1,065,000 distributed among Biden family members.

The bank records also reveal funds moving between Walker’s account and those of Biden family members in 2015 while Joe Biden was still vice president.

Hunter Biden and James Biden reportedly earned at least $4.8 million from CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct component of Beijing’s “Belt and Road” foreign influence campaign, in 2017 and 2018. Previously, Hallie Biden’s closest association with potentially criminal Biden family activity was when she discarded Hunter’s gun in a Delaware dumpster in October 2018.

Determining Joe Biden’s links to the Chinese funds is a priority for House Republicans.

Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contained an email from Gilliar suggesting that the “big guy” get 10% of the CEFC deal. Whistleblower and former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski alleged that he met with Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss the CEFC venture. Bobulinski and Gilliar identified Joe Biden as the “big guy” mentioned in the May 2017 message.

Republicans accuse President Biden of being too lenient on China concerning COVID-19 origins and halting fentanyl exports. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden still owns a 10% stake in state-backed BHR Partners, which manages $2.1 billion in assets. Hunter co-founded BHR Partners in 2013 and is under federal investigation by the US attorney’s office in Delaware for possible tax fraud, illegal foreign lobbying, and other crimes.

As the Oversight Committee intensifies its investigation into the Biden family’s foreign dealings, Comer’s staff has begun reviewing Treasury Department suspicious activity reports on Biden family transactions, expected to involve additional countries such as Russia and Ukraine. Comer is also demanding sales records for Hunter’s artworks sold through a Manhattan gallery.