Eleven-Year-Old Girl Assigned WHO As Roommate?!

(GoRealNewsNow.com) – Transgender policies that are terrorizing American kids and families don’t seem to be going anywhere as a new case has left an 11-year-old girl shocked when another “girl” assigned to her room during an overnight school trip turned out to be a male claiming to be a female.

A report by National Review tells the story of the girl, the daughter of Joe and Serena Wailes of the Denver area, who had just completed fifth grade and was thrilled about the prospect of joining her Colorado classmates on a trip to Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

This journey, organized by the Jefferson County School District near Denver last June, aimed to deepen the students’ understanding of the nation’s founding, a subject they had been exploring in school.

It also allowed the students to become friends with peers from different schools within the district.

The Waileses recounted that their daughter was allocated a room with three other students — two from her school and one from a different school.

Eager to build a rapport, she made an amiable gesture on the first day, offering to share her bed with the student from the other school.

However, the situation took a challenging turn for their daughter. According to the Waileses, on the first night, just before bedtime, her bedmate revealed that she was a “he,” i.e., a biological male identifying as a transgender female.

This revelation was a shock, especially since district leaders had previously assured that boys and girls would be housed on separate hotel floors, the Waileses told National Review.

In light of this experience, the Waileses are now advocating to revise the district’s policy.

They argue that while the current policy aims to protect the privacy of transgender students and reduce stigma, it falls short in safeguarding the rights of other students and their parents, particularly in the context of room assignments during school-sponsored trips.

To address this concern, the Waileses, with the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative law firm championing religious liberty, have issued a demand letter to district leaders.

The letter, sent Monday, urges the district to revise its policy to ensure parents are informed about the sex of their children’s roommates before any school trips.

Furthermore, it requests that parents be given the option to opt their children out of any policy that assigns roommates based on gender identity rather than biological sex.