DeSantis: I’ll Give the Order to Kill (video)

( – HAPPENING NOW: During a campaign stop along the Southern Border of the United States near Eagle Pass, Texas, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a GOP candidate for the presidency, announced that if elected, he would authorize the use of deadly force against those illegally crossing the border.

You can watch a video of the report of DeSantis’s statement further down this post.

According to Bill Melugin, a national correspondent for Fox News based out of Los Angeles, California, who was asked, “What are some of the highlights of [DeSantis’s] plan?”:

“One of the biggest things that jumped out to me is Gov. DeSantis said if he’s president, he intends to change rules of engagement here at the border to allow for deadly force to be used against anybody cutting through the border wall. He adds, “If you drop a couple of these cartel operatives, they will stop coming.”

Here is the video:


Do you agree or disagree with Ron DeSantis’s plan to order that deadly force be used against illegal aliens who violate the Southern Border of the United States? Email your opinion to [email protected]. Thank you.

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