Dem Gov Abandons State During Huge Emergency

( – California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom “abandoned” “snow-bound mountain communities” by declaring an emergency too late, and delaying the response of the National Guard, according to a report.

Newsom declared a state of emergency only on Wednesday, March 1, a week after the San Bernardino Mountains endured a blizzard, leaving stranded the residents of Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, and other towns, Breitbart News reported.

Then, on Thursday, the governor left the state on “personal travel” “for undisclosed reasons to an unknown location.” Still, his Twitter account remained active and kept blasting out attacks on Republicans nationwide for their conservative stance on issues such as abortion.

Meanwhile, some California communities started running out of food and medicines.

On Saturday, three days after Newsom had finally declared an emergency, the California National Guard still hadn’t arrived in Crestline, according to The Los Angeles Times.

“Desperate” residents of San Bernardino County have been lining up at community distribution events to procure “food, dog food, and firewood,” but many have remained empty-handed.

With snowdrifts several feet high, some remained trapped inside their homes for days and started to panic.

In some mountain communities, some homes remained without electricity for an entire week, AP reported.

Crestline resident Shelah Riggs said 80 homes on her street had not seen a snowplow in 8 days, whereas the snow was usually cleared every day or every other day.

Another local, Devine Horvath, recounted how she managed to shop at the local grocery store before its roof collapsed but remained confined to her home for several days.

According to The LA Times, local authorities stopped a helicopter relief effort because of safety concerns.

A report by The San Bernardino Sun described the situation of Milika, a local woman two weeks into breast cancer treatment who was left stranded in her home and had no way of making it to the next procedure.

Meanwhile, in Lake Arrowhead, Rebecca Arrowood was among the residents whose diabetes supplies were supposed to come on Saturday but never arrived.

As county officials have been “overwhelmed” by the snow blizzard, many have blamed them for failing to anticipate the disaster’s true scope.

Yet, as locals “in desperation” called the state for help, it “often failed to arrive,” the Breitbart report noted.

“Newsom himself is nowhere to be found,” it added, even as his office kept tweeting about how state agencies coordinated relief efforts for the snowed-under San Bernardino Mountains area.

Breitbart also compared Newsom to Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – as the former loves to “troll” the latter on social issues.

It pointed out that, unlike Newsome, DeSantis “declares states of emergency days before a storm arrives — not a week later” and then remains in the state “while citizens are still suffering.”

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