Dad Beaten To Death Over WHAT?

( – In a display of pure animal savagery, a group of thugs beat a father to death over thirty dollars.

Thirty dollars.

According to the New York Post in a report headlined “Maryland dad Christopher Wright beaten to death over money dispute, family suspects he was hit with blunt object“:

“Maryland father Christopher Wright was killed while protecting his son from a fight sparked by a schoolyard dispute over just $30, his grieving fiancée told The Post Thursday.

“Wright, 43, died from traumatic brain injuries on Friday after five teenagers and adults — who had been looking for his 14-year-old son, Trenton — set upon him instead.

“His fiancée, 44-year-old Tracy Karopchinsky, said the fatal altercation followed a fight Trenton had been involved in with another teenager, and she thinks Wright may have been hit with a blunt object the mob had brought along.” [emphasis added]

After describing the disgusting brutality of the attack that led to Wright’s death from head injuries inflicted by the thugs, the Post notes: “Police have been tight-lipped about their investigation, and said Monday they suspected three to four adults had been involved in the attack. It is unclear if any arrests have been made.”

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