Congressional Perverts Not Charged?!

( – In sheer disgrace to the United States Congress hinting at the left’s tolerance of depravity within the US government, the US Capitol Police have decided not to file charges against two males, including a former congressional staffer, who filmed themselves having intercourse in a Senate room.

On Thursday, the Capitol Police issued a statement on its probe of the pornographic recording showing two men engaging in anal intercourse on a table where United States Senators hold public hearings.

According to The Daily Caller, which obtained the explicit video and cited an unnamed source about its filming, the video was made in Senate Room Hart 216, identified as the Judiciary Room.

The news outlet also verified through examination of an online conversation thread that the video was distributed within a confidential group aimed at gay men involved in US politics.

The US Capitol Police, however, believe that no criminal act was committed.

“In light of a thorough investigation into the details and context of a sexually explicit video filmed inside the Hart Senate Office Building on the morning of Wednesday, December 13, we have decided to conclude our inquiry. After deliberation with both federal and local legal authorities, and following an exhaustive examination and evaluation of potential charges, we have concluded that, while it seems a breach of Congressional rules likely occurred, no tangible evidence exists to prove a criminal act was perpetrated,” the police declared in their release.

They attributed their decision mainly to the lack of cooperation from the individuals who had intercourse on the senator’s discussion table, filmed it, and shared the clip online.

“Despite the room not being accessible to the public at that time, a Congressional staffer, who later resigned, had entry rights to the space. The two individuals involved were uncooperative, and none of the criteria for any prospective legal violations were met. The staffer invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege, opting to remain silent and refrained from cooperating with our inquiries. Should any new evidence emerge, our investigative team is prepared to consider it,” the police elaborated.

The Caller pointed out that, besides the intercourse video of the congressional staffer with another unidentified male, the couple also posted online an explicit photograph from the incident.

The photo shows the now-former congressional aide in a state of nudity, positioned “on all fours” and glancing back towards the camera placed on the table typically used by senators for questioning during hearings.