Club Banned Hunter Biden for Abusing Women

( – Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, was reportedly expelled from an elite private adult club for inappropriate behavior towards women and behaving in an entitled manner, according to Damon Lawner, the club’s founder, who gave an exclusive interview to The New York Post.

Lawner, who established the controversial SNCTM club with an annual membership fee scaling up to $75,000, describes Biden as an individual of questionable character. He noted that a $10,000 payment made by Biden for club membership led to him receiving a subpoena from the IRS.

Lawner said the membership payment was made in 2018 via an unidentified woman. He later found himself answering questions from the IRS’s criminal division about his record-keeping and financial practices.

The decision to reveal Biden’s membership came after Lawner felt that Biden was treated lightly by authorities in an income tax and firearm case on Tuesday, despite a five-year federal investigation.

Lawner noted that the payment was made through an LLC that concealed Biden’s identity, with funds provided by the same mysterious woman who accompanied the president’s son, described as significantly intoxicated, to the club.

Lawner recounted how, in 2018, this woman applied for membership to the exclusive club, known to have high-profile attendees like Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher. She informed Lawner, who approved all memberships, that she would bring along a charismatic man. On being asked for more details, she only shared that his name was Hunter and that he was from a notable political family.

During their single visit, Hunter’s conduct towards the high-end female club members was so unacceptable that Lawner had to ask him to leave and barred him from attending future events.

Among SNCTM’s rules was the requirement to ask before touching anyone, Lawner explained. When confronted about his misbehavior and asked to leave, Biden was argumentative and behaved immaturely, but he eventually complied.

Attempts by The Post to contact Biden’s attorney for comments were unsuccessful.

You can read the full report by clicking HERE.

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