Capitol Evacuated


( – Due to potential bombings in protest against Israel, the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg was recently evacuated after a threatening email was sent to every member of the state’s legislature.

The suspect, going by the alias of “glorytoourmartyrs,” wrote, “In the name of Palestine, I have hidden highly lethal lead azide devices in and around Pennsylvania State Capitol as well as the Pennsylvania Judicial Center.”

“I plan on triggering one device every few hours until Joe Biden goes on national television and publicly denounces the illegitimate state of Israel. Keep in mind I am inside one of the 2 buildings armed w/ a knife, and plan on remaining here to my dying breath!” it continued.

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services confirmed that law enforcement evacuated the state capitol immediately and conducted a thorough search of the complex.

Yet, no explosives or the individual behind the threat were found. The email, titled “My manifesto,” had prompted the evacuation.

“Following a comprehensive search, Capitol Police, federal, state, and local authorities determined there was no credible threat and the buildings were cleared to reopen,” the department announced.

Moreover, while the identity of the person who issued the threat remains unknown, it is unclear if the timing of the message was related to Joe Biden’s upcoming campaign appearance in Harrisburg on Sunday afternoon.

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro (D) acknowledged receiving the bomb threat and expressed frustration, writing on X that he is “tired of the foolery and unhinged behavior,” and he wished law enforcement success in their efforts to “find this menace.”

While the Pennsylvania State Capitol has seen anti-Israel demonstrations in the past, including a February protest where about 200 activists were arrested for trespassing, this incident marks a significant escalation with a direct threat of violence.

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