BREAKING VIDEO: Massive Shark Feeding Frenzy Surrounds Fishermen

( – BREAKING VIDEO: In an amazing and powerful exhibition of the violent nature of sharks, a fishing boat was surrounded by upwards of a hundred sharks in a feeding frenzy that the fisherman on board will never forget having witnessed.

You can watch the video of what happened just a bit further down this post.

The New York Post described the event:

“Dillon May found his boat surrounded by dozens — if not hundreds — of sharks chaotically feeding on a massive bait ball off the coast of Venice, Louisiana.

“Video of the feeding frenzy [see below] shows the sharks chasing down fish so frantically that they were slapping the sides of the boat and drenching the fishermen with ocean spray.

“At one point, more than a dozen sharks gunned toward the boat as the bait ball — a close-packed conglomeration of small fish — tried to take refuge beneath it.”

Thankfully, none of the men onboard the small fishing boat were knocked overboard as the water churned with ravenous sharks.

Here is the video of what took place:

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