BREAKING VIDEO: Jet Crashes Onto Highway; Multiple Fatalities

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: A horrific crash of a jet killing all aboard and several people on the ground was captured on dashcam video.

You can watch several video clips of what happened further down this post.

As for what happened, according to

“The terrifying moment a light plane crashed on a four-lane road in Malaysia was captured by a dashcam in a car which was scooting through the highway. Eight people on board the plane and two motorists on the ground were killed in the accident today.

“The plane crashed on the ground and exploded, turning into a huge fireball, the chilling clip showed. Soon, black smoke was seen billowing from the wreckage.” [emphasis added]

As for the victims:

“‘For now, I can say at least 10 people were killed in the plane crash. Two passing motorists — one in a car and one on a motorcycle — also perished together with the eight on board the plane,’ police told AFP.” [emphasis added]

Here are several video clips of the crash and the aftermath:

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