BREAKING: Police Gunfight Update

Police line

( – A string of a violent criminal’s dramatic altercations with police has been successfully resolved after the suspect, who shot two cops and then barricaded himself in a hotel, was taken out by a SWAT team.

The criminal, whose name wasn’t revealed, was hunted down by Florida’s law enforcement for hours after late Friday night, he shot and wounded two police officers in a surprise attack.

The two Orlando Police Department cops pulled over the suspect’s vehicle around 11 p.m. last Friday during an investigation of a Miami homicide.

However, the man opened fire from inside the car, The Associated Press reports, as cited by Newsmax.

Luckily, both injured officers survived, Orlando PD Chief Eric Smith told reporters.

He didn’t identify the wounded cops but said they were getting treatment at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

“Both officers are with us. They are with their families. We have been taking care of them throughout the night,” announced Michael Cheatham, a surgeon at the hospital.

“We expect them to fully recover from their injuries sustained in the line of duty,” he added.

After the violent criminal shot the two police officers, he escaped from the scene by carjacking another vehicle. A police chase ensued, but he managed to get away.

About seven hours after the initial shooting, detectives tracked him down to a Holiday Inn hotel in Orland’s tourist district, close to Universal Orlando Resort.

After the suspect refused to come out of his room, all guests staying at the hotel were evacuated.

The criminal began firing at the police from inside the room, with officers returning fire.

“Our officers faced danger throughout the night trying to locate the suspect as two of our own were critically injured. They are lucky to be alive, and we ask that you continue to pray for them,” Smith said.

He also disclosed that the suspect had an extensive criminal record.

The violent criminal was eventually eliminated when a SWAT team stormed the hotel room.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said he had visited the hospital and met with the families of the two wounded officers.

“Our entire community’s thoughts and prayers are with these officers,” Dyer said at the news conference.