BREAKING NOW: Trump Charging Documents Released

( – BREAKING NOW: The criminal case against former President Donald Trump was unsealed moments ago, and we have the charging documents available so our readers can evaluate them for themselves.

The Statement of Facts and Indictment (see links to original documents below) consist of 34 felony counts related to lying about entries on his business records allegedly to conceal various hush-money payments to individuals with damaging information about him from American voters that he believed could cost him the 2016 Presidential Election.

Trump, who is 76 years old, pleaded not guilty in court.

The charges were brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and this is the first time a current or former US president has been criminally charged, arrested, and brought to court for a crime.

If Trump is found guilty, he probably won’t get the maximum punishment of 136 years. In New York, lying about business records is usually a minor crime. Still, it can become a more serious crime if it is done to cover up other illegal actions, which is what the grand jury and prosecutors charge happened in Trump’s case.

The grand jury in Manhattan reviewed written evidence and listened to the sworn testimony of witnesses in the District Attorney’s “hush money” investigation.

They decided to charge Trump last Thursday, and he was arraigned on the charges today.

To read the actual court documents, click HERE for the Statement of Facts and HERE for the 34-count indictment.