BREAKING NOW: Mass Shooting at Bank; Many Victims Killed and Wounded

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: A tragic and deadly event transpired on Monday morning in Louisville, Kentucky, when a shooter entered a bank and commenced firing, ultimately claiming the lives of five individuals and injuring six others, according to law enforcement officials.

The incident occurred just before 8:30 a.m. at the Old National Bank in the city’s downtown region, close to Slugger Field, as reported by the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD).

The assailant was killed during the harrowing episode, though authorities have yet to divulge the precise circumstances of his demise.

The LMPD did confirm via Twitter that the shooter had been “neutralized.”

Among the wounded was a police officer transported to the University of Louisville Hospital.

However, the conditions of the victims have not been disclosed.

Eyewitness accounts shared with WHAS11 revealed that a man armed with a high-capacity assault rifle discharged multiple rounds on the bank’s ground level. One witness recounted the chilling events, saying, “He just started firing… Whoever was next to me got shot, their blood’s on me.”

Law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene engaged the attacker, firing upon him as per witness testimony. Subsequent footage from the location revealed a shattered window at the bank, with glass fragments strewn across the ground.

The bank was not open to the general public at the time of the shooting. A motorist identified as Debbie spoke with WDRB, describing her experience stopping at a traffic light near the bank when she observed an individual who appeared to be injured on the entrance steps. Moments later, she heard gunshots and fled the area. As she departed, she noticed one of the bank’s windows had been shattered.

She also mentioned the swift response of law enforcement personnel, who arrived on the scene with an array of tactical weaponry. “They were coming from everywhere,” she said. “The police were coming out of their cars with black rifles.”

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear took to Twitter to express his concern for those affected by the incident, stating, “I am headed there now. Please pray for all of the families impacted and for the city of Louisville.”