BREAKING: Mass Shooting Terrorizes Nation’s Capital

( – BREAKING NEWS NOW: A devastating mass casualty incident occurred Saturday in the nation’s capital.

The mass shooting resulted in three individuals’ deaths and left at least four others injured and admitted to the hospital, as per information provided by D.C. Acting Police Chief Pamela Smith. Smith described the situation as a needless wave of violence occurring in Southeast Washington.

“Let me be clear: This gun violence has to stop,” Smith stated firmly. “It is incredibly frustrating. We know that someone in the community knows what’s happening.”

The law enforcement officers came to the scene, near the crossing of Good Hope Road and 16th Street SE, between 8 and 9 p.m. Smith revealed that they were already patrolling the area when they heard gunshots. After rushing to the source of the gunfire, they found at least seven victims.

The deceased included two males and one female who lost their lives at the site of the shooting. Meanwhile, four other victims were transported to a nearby hospital, with their health status yet to be confirmed.

“This is not a warzone,” Smith highlighted. “We want our residents to feel safe.”

Smith further stated that District officials’ investigations are ongoing, with a search for additional potential victims still in process.

“We realize that there may be others who may have been injured tonight,” she remarked. “We’re asking you to come forward.”

The motive behind the shooting remains unclear as department officials have yet to provide confirmation. Officials have temporarily closed Good Hope Road SE from 13th to Fendal Streets for the investigation.

The mass shooting on Saturday evening sets a sad beginning to the month for the District, as since August 1, District officers have attended to 11 homicides in the city.

In the early hours of Saturday, law enforcement was already dealing with another shooting in Northwest D.C. According to Smith, around 1 a.m., a shooting incident in Adams Morgan resulted in the fatalities of two people and critical injuries to a third. The identities of these victims have not been released.

“Another act of senseless violence has occurred in this area where two individuals have lost their lives and one has been transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries,” Smith reported during a press briefing early Saturday.

In total, three more individuals were harmed during both of Saturday’s shooting incidents.

The death toll on Saturday, amounting to five, accounts for nearly half of the homicides reported in August. These incidents add to the over 150 homicides already reported by D.C. police this year.