BREAKING: Mass Murderer Killed in Shootout (VIDEO)

( – HAPPENING NOW: A killer described as a “monster” who murdered four people in a Georgia mass shooting and then wounded three police officers has been hunted, gunned down, and eliminated as a threat.

On Saturday morning, 40-year-old Andre Longmore shot and killed three men and a woman in Hampton, a town of about 8,500 people in Henry County, Georgia, some 35 miles south of Atlanta.

After a successful manhunt, the mass murderer was tracked and found by the police, and he was killed in a shootout with the officers despite his violent resistance. Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett told a press conference on Sunday, as cited by Fox 5 Atlanta.

“The citizens of Hampton, the county of Henry, the metro Atlanta area, and the entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easier tonight that the suspect is off the street. This monster is off of our streets,” said Scandrett.

A day earlier, the sheriff had told reporters his office was offering a $10,000 reward for information on Longmore while engaging in an “all hands on deck” manhunt for the suspect, The Hill reported.

According to the authorities, Longmore began firing along Dogwood Lakes Drive in Hampton after 10 am Saturday. For now, the police haven’t confirmed what led to the shooting attack.

“I just heard bam, and as soon as I heard it, I knew what it was. He had on tactical gear, but it was a weird type of gear I’ve never seen before,” said a neighbor named Frankie Worth, who saw the gunman.

“I thought he was walking in the road and they just so happened to make him angry. I thought it was a road rage thing. I ain’t never seen him before. It’s the first time I’ve seen a guy like that,” Worth added.

The shooter’s victims were identified as Scott Leavitt, 67, Shirley Leavitt, 66, Ronald Jeffers, 66, and Steve Blizzard, 65. All of them lived on Dogwood Lakes Drive.

The police found Longmore on Sunday morning at Highway 138 and Mt. Zion Parkway. He was shot dead in a second engagement minutes later after wounding a Henry County deputy and two Clayton County police officers. The deputy was shot in the back and had to be flown to a hospital for treatment.